Sunday, December 12, 2010

Monday Tony

  • Dad took Tony to the School Van pickup Monday Morning.  Tony was in a quiet and shy mood unlike the Friday where he was upset because Dad didn't take him to the "little river".
  • Dad stood quietly besides his father for five minutes before the van did come.
  • The street sweepers and security guards were happy to see them.  Dad could make out them saying how good-looking Tony was.  Only thing was Tony was quiet and shy, and did seem to not want tot talk to them -- he almost seemed to have a sneer about it.  Be that as it may, the excitement the Chinese workers, of low status, showed for Tony seemed such a remarkable thing to Tony's Dad.  The Chinese love of children is a genuine thing, and "good on them" as the expression goes.  In a more class-conscious society like Canada, many of these workers would sneer at other's children.  In fact, Dad thinks there is a real animosity towards having children about Westerners.
  • Tony Kaulins is kind like Sean Lennon.  Sean had a Western father and Asian mother.  The Western father withdraw from public (pub) life to be a good father to him.
  • A "thank you" Tony said to Dad after his Dad had brought a piss pot to him seemed particularly genuine.