Monday, December 6, 2010

Bliggy Blaggy Bloggins: The TKIC Edition

Notes about Tony, Wuxi's #1 Expat Baby:
  • Tony undressed himself for bed last nigh -- a confirmed first.  He had not wanted to go to bed, but he went along with the idea when he got the idea to take his train and track to bed with him.  So while, Dad was washing his feet, Tony undressed into his pajamas and played with his train set in the bedroom.  After seeing what Tony had done, Dad asked Mother if she had undressed Tony.  When she replied that she hadn't, Dad told Mother to go to the bedroom to see what Tony had done.  She was pleasantly surprised.
  • Tony laughs at Donald Duck's mishaps with a very flexible and very long saw.
  • Tony can take off the lid of his drink cup, pour liquid into the cup, and replace the lid.  When Andis mentioned this to Jenny, his was not impressed with Andis -- Tony has been doing this for months, she exclaimed.
  • Tony is no innocent.  He has sadistic urges.  He, with a defiant smile, likes to bite and scratch his father.
  • Tony says "No Bruce Lee!  Donald Duck!"
  • A lot of time spent, by Andis and Jenny, wondering what Tony wants.  They give him something, and he immediately whines because it is not exactly what he wants.  But his parents don't know exactly what is displeasing him.