Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tony don't sleep the right way.

  • Tony, when sleeping, will sleep perpendicular from the way his parents sleep.  Since he does this by the headboard, and has a habit of kicking, his parents can be very annoyed with him.  However, attempts to get Tony to stop doing this have been unsuccessful, so his parents have adopted his habit -- now, the K family all sleep at an angle perpendicular from what is considered customary.
  • The pre-school told Jenny to not have Tony come to school for a day because the virus he had, has been caught by other children.  Now the thing is, Tony is well now and so  is not contagious -- and he had stayed home till he got better.  And once the virus has been caught, there is nothing that can be done about it -- you will have to suffer through it.   This request, say Jenny, is extraordinary -- as far as she knows, no parent has ever requested another parent to keep their child away before.  Viruses going through the school is nothing unusual.  So, Jenny is not pleased; and Andis wonders if this is because Tony is a mixed-blood baby.