Thursday, June 14, 2012

What are you doing Daddy?

Friday morning, Dad beat up Mom and Tony.  That is, he got up earlier than them.  In fact, Dad beats them up every morning.  That is, he is always the first to get up.

This Friday, Tony beat Mom up.  Usually his parents both beat him up, but not this morning when Mom was the last to rise.

Dad was ironing clothes for work when Tony got up.  Tony left the bedroom and saw Dad in another room.  Loudly, startling his father, he asked "Daddy what are  you doing?"

His father replied that he was ironing his clothes and in turn asked Tony what he was doing.  Tony said "I go take pee!"  Dad reflected that Tony didn't speak in the continuous tense but yet was learning how to have more and more complex conversations; and so Dad thought what a nice moment that was.

Tony then went back to bed.