Friday, February 17, 2012

Daddy! Don't buy drink!!!!!!

Tony and I were on the E-bike.   I told him that we were going to the school to buy drinks.  Tony replied, "Don't buy drink!"  I told him again I was going to and he insisted that I wasn't.  And so when I took the E-bike towards the store, Tony began to cry.

When we arrived at the store entrance, Tony stood in front of me and tried to block me from entering  As I tried to get around him, he grabbed me by the legs.  He didn't stop me and so as I entered and went to the store shelves to find drinks for purchase, a bawling Tony clutched onto my legs forcing to me to drag him as I walked.  It was a curious sight for the storekeepers who know Tony and Tony's Baba very well.

Why was Tony acting as he did?  Tony and I had a conflict of agendas.  We had gone to do some trainspotting, after which I wanted to go home, but not before buying some drinks because Casa K was empty; and after which Tony wanted to go a nearby park and some do climbing on the slides and rope play sets.  Tony was upset that I didn't go to the park.  He had expected it because every other time we had gone trainspotting, we went to the park afterwards.

It turned out that we did go to the park afterwards.  Tony was so upset that I had no choice.  And after we went to the park and were on the way home, as I had wanted to do much earlier, Tony asked me to go to the store and buy him a lollipop!