Monday, January 30, 2012

Daddy! Give me the Yellow!

Daddy has a yellow cover on his Ipod; Mommy has a pink cover on her Ipad.  So, Tony calls each respective device "the yellow" or the "the pink."

One evening, Daddy came home from work.  Tony opened the door for him and appeared excited to see him.  Jumping up and down he was.  But the first thing he said to Daddy was "Give me the yellow!"  Mommy then explained to Daddy that Tony hadn't been allowed to play with the Ipad all day.

Many mornings when Tony gets up and is dressed by Daddy, the first thing he will say is "Daddy! Give me the Yellow!"

Sometimes, Daddy will try to dissuade Tony by telling him to ask Mommy for "the pink."  Most times, he will give up the yellow because Tony will otherwise put up a horrific whine.

Sometimes, Daddy will pretend to not know where the Ipod is, but Tony will then search Daddy's pockets.

There is no deterring Tony from getting "the Yellow."