Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ultraman! I want Ultraman! Mai Ultraman!

Father finished his Christmas Shopping** for Tony.  Or at least he thought.  He bought some toys, at a Toys-R-Us near his place of employment, that Tony had requested and took advantage of the free gift-wrapping offered.   Father imagined the look of excitement that Tony was sure to have when he opened the packages on Christmas day.

While Dad was making his purchases at a Toys-R-Us, he picked up some catalogs for Tony to look at.  He gave them to Tony first thing when he arrived at home from work.  Tony immediately pointed to a photo of some Ultraman figures and told Mom and Dad to buy them for him.  Tony didn't mention the other toys that he and his father had discussed.

Maybe Dad isn't finished his Christmas Shopping after all!  He will have to rustle some extra cash to pay for an Ultraman figure.

**What Dad bought for Tony will be revealed at the proper time to Tony and the rare readers of this blog.