Monday, October 31, 2011

Tony lately

  • Tony went to Dad's school Halloween party on Saturday evening.  He put on a mask and seemed quite comfortable with it.  He then stole the microphone from the evening's m.c.'s, and cried when it was taken away from him.  He could only be placated by an I-phone that let him play Angry Birds.
  • Tony is currently enamored with Ultraman or Ultramon, a Japanese t.v. show, where men, dressed in latex tight suits with boots and helmets, fight monsters.  At Nanchang Temple market, he found three Ultraman figures, and has been playing with them ever since.
  • Tony and his Dad still have arguments about diesel and steam trains.
  • Monday evening, Dad took Tony for a bike ride.  Tony was impressed by the Moon in the sky.  Look Daddy!  Look Daddy!  The Moon!  The Moon!