Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tony at the Kindergarten: what I have heard.

  • Tony beat up another boy at school yesterday, or so Dad was told by Mom.  They were fighting over a toy.  Dad eagerly wanted details about the altercation.  Was Tony punching?  Did Tony push the boy over?  Did Tony grab the toy from the other boy?  Mom, who was told by the teacher about this, wouldn't offer more details.
  • Does Dad want a meek Tony or a stronger Tony?  He doesn't want Tony to be a bully, and yet he would prefer a bullying-Tony to a meek Tony.  Some parents want their children to not have their inadequacies.
  • Kindergartens have nap times for all their kiddies.  At Tony's school, it is between 1230 and 200 p.m.  Dad imagines that Tony is not an easy one to get to nap.  Tony won't rest is what Dad has observed.  Tony is an unstoppable dynamo. 
  • Yesterday, Mother Jenny went to Tony's school at nap time.  She learned that Tony will nap in his own fashion.  He is not one to fall asleep right away:  one p.m. or so is when he does.  She observed that Tony doesn't like to wear pants when he does nap.  So when she went to the Tony's class nap room, she saw a lot of sleeping children and a bare ass -- Tony's bare ass.  The teachers told her that Tony always takes off his pants at nap-time.