Monday, June 6, 2011

Taixing Beixin Tony Update #1

Talking to his mother Jenny, this is what I have learned about what my son Tony has been up to in Beixing, a village in Taixing, Jiangsu province:
  • There are chickens, in his grandparents compound, which he loves to scare.
  • He has a female cousin to play with.  And at times, he has been looking for her.
  • There was a cache of new toys awaiting him in Beixin.
  • He very much wanted to go to Beixin.  He apparently patiently sat at a chair, beside the front door entrance to Casa Kaulins, waiting for his mother to finish cleaning the apartment.
  • There is also a dog, a bastard of a dog that has to be tied up, that he loves to tease.
  • He is walking about in his bare feet.
  • There are some local kids he has been hanging about with.  They don't understand what he is saying.