Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tony on Monday

  • He was the first one out of bed this morning.
  • He is playing with a yellow bus that his mother bought him last week.
  • When he wants cheese, he says "cheese!" and pulls you to the fridge.
  • He really likes to eat seaweed.
  • He thinks it very funny to pretend to sneeze and say "achoo!".
  • One evening, he wanted to watch Peter Pan on DVD. He said "Peter Pan!".
  • He can also say "Popeye!".
  • He took one of his mother's hair things (I don't what to call them but they keep her hair in place) and put it on his head.
  • He likes to give his father some of his food.
  • He can probably already speak better Chinese than his father.
  • His father finds cleaning up after him to be an amazing ordeal.  Tony finds a way to distribute his toys all over his room that seems to defy randomization.  That is, there seems to be a method to Tony's messiness that a mere mortal like his father could never determine.